Welcome to FAQ! Please take your time to check this page for any common questions that you might have or any difficulties that you have encountered in our site.We will update this contents as much as possible depending on current trends and questions that we gathered from our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions List:

Question: Every time i click on a download here link it leads me to a Linkbucks page, how can I download the file?
Answer: All links are routed to linkbucks as a means to support our site and respective authors who uploaded the link, so in order to download the file, just click on the "skip this ad" button found on the upper right corner of your page, kindly refer to the screen shot below as reference.

Question: I can't install an application as it says "not enough memory to install or "low disk space"
Answer: use your common sense lol, uninstall some apps or you can use A2SD or Link2SD to solve your memory issue.

Question: I am getting an error "application not installed" or "unsuccessful" when I downloaded the app or games from the links provided on this site.
Answer: All apps posted on this site are tested, hence all links are also tested to make sure the file was uploaded properly, if in case you are getting an error stated above, first kindly make sure that you have enough available internal memory on your phone (even if you have an A2SD running, sometimes an application bigger than your available internal memory  won't install successfully.

--- if all conditions are met (high available internal and external memory).

Kindly re-download the file as it might be possible you are experiencing slow internet or intermittent connection which could corrupt the file, as a work around, kindly use a download manager to download the file without any problems. If your internet connection is really slow, kindly call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and rant about it. If same problem persist, kindly contact us and we will get back with you and rechecked the file as possible issue might happen from the server itself.

Question: The link provided says "file blocked for violation" or "file not found"
Answer: Since its illegal to upload paid apps in the first place its possible that the specific apps uploaded by the third party site is already down, however you don't have to worry, kindly report this to us and we will get a new link for you and fix the possible broken links or deactivated link.
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